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Shingle Acquires Southeastern Conveyor's
Driver Pad & Chain Product Line

Dear Valued Customers:

We are pleased to announce that Shingle Belting has acquired Southeastern Conveyor's driver pad and chain product line effective May 8th, 2017. As of that date, Southeastern Conveyor is officially conducting business as Shingle Belting. All driver pad business will now be handled by Shingle Belting.

Shingle Belting will continue to offer the same high-quality, black Southeastern driver pad to all of our customers with:

  • The same Southeastern design
  • Extruded virgin 85A polyurethane
  • Precision hole spacing and alignment ensuring easy, trouble-free installation
  • Extensively tested under toughest environmental and operating conditions
  • 100% guaranteed to meet or exceed all manufacturer's specifications
  • In stock for immediate delivery

In addition, Shingle Belting will modify its own yellow driver pad.

  • New profile design to more closely match the OEM spec
  • Improved resin for greater resistance to environmental factors such as grease, product spills, and moisture
  • Greater consistency of hole spacing and alignment

Shingle will continue to provide Southeastern Conveyor's customers with the same quality product and service that Shingle Belting's existing customers have to come to expect. You can reach Shingle Belting at 800-345-6294.

Rennie Keating


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Shingle Announces Specialty Belts Tough Enough for the Wire & Cable Industry

Providing conveyor belts for the Wire & Cable Industry has always been challenging. This is especially the case with applications such as Capstans and Caterpullers. After all, they are highly abrasive and call for repeated flexing and high speeds placing significant stress on belts. Under these demanding conditions belt covers can quickly develop cracks, delaminate and wear out- all of which are costly in terms of both time and money.

TrenPull Construction


Fortunately, there now is a solution tough enough for the Wire & Cable Industry -- Shingle's TrenPull. With it, Wire & Cable manufacturers have a durable belt specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of the industry. TrenPull belts are manufactured to optimize the balance between various characteristics such as abrasion resistance and grip, and are guaranteed to offer the best combination of high quality and costeffectiveness

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  • High tensile fabric for low elongation
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • High coefficient of friction
  • Engineered covers with elasticity that resist compression
  • A wide range of fabrication
With these characteristics, it is clear to see how any company operating Capstan or Caterpuller equipment will benefit greatly by installing Shingle's TrenPull specialty belts on its machinery.


Within its "TREN" range of products, Shingle also offers belting solutions designed for core winding, woodworking, boxboard, food processing, and other specialty industries. For more information about TrenPull belts for the Wire & Cable Industry, or any of Shingle's other superior solutions, please contact us.

Shingle Belting Rounds Out Its Belting Range With Three New Quick Melt Solutions

Shingle Belting, a full-line manufacturer of flat thermoplastic, nylon core belting, and extruded profile products with over 40 years of experience, has just announced the addition of the three Quick Melt solutions to its line-up of products.

These Quick Melt solutions help to position Shingle Belting as a one-stop shop for its customers. The three were added because they provide a distinct advantage over other belt styles, especially to customers in industries such as printing, paper manufacturing, and paper converting.

The simple splicing method allows Shingle's Quick Melt solutions to be joined quickly by fusing together the ends together without the need for adhesives. This produces a superior product that is flexible over the entire length of the belt, which, in turn, yields measurable cost savings by minimizing maintenance and downtime.

Shingle Belting Quick Melt Solutions
Shingle Belting Quick Melt Solutions

Key benefits:

  • The Quick Melt method of splicing is quick and simple
  • Finger splices are easy to prepare and require no cement
  • The splices maintain the flexibility of the belt in the fore-flex and back-flex directions, and are bi-directional
  • Quick Melt splices can handle smaller pulley diameters
Shingle Belting Quick Melt Solutions ideal for applications such as folders and winders common in printing, paper manufacturing, and paper converting
Shingle Belting's Quick Melt Solutions
are ideal for applications such as folders and winders that are common in printing, paper manufacturing, and paper converting
  • Rubber x textile construction
  • 1.2 mm (0.050 in.) thick
  • 5 N/mm (29 lbs./in.) @ 1% elongation
  • 0°C - 100°C (32°F - 212°F)
  • 20 mm (0.75 in.) minimum pulley
E12 GG20
  • Shingle BeltingRubber x rubber construction
  • 2.0 mm (0.078 in.) thick
  • 20 N/mm (68 lbs./in.) @ 1% elongation
  • -20°C - 70°C (-4°F - 160°F)
  • 25 mm (1.00 in.) minimum pulley
E25 GG31
  • Rubber x rubber construction
  • 3.7 mm (0.0122 in.) thick
  • 25 N/mm (140 lbs./in.) @ 1% elongation
  • 0°C - 1000°C (32°F - 212°F)
  • 95 mm (3.75 in.) minimum pulley

Shingle Announces OEM Replacement Part Solutions

Companies often rely on OEMs for their replacement belting because they are pressed for time, do not know where to turn, or feel that an outside source can not provide them with what they need. As a long-time manufacturer focused only on belting, Shingle can supply replacement belts in a more cost-effective manner. Shingle offers customers 24/7 service, and belt stocking programs. After a complete survey of all belting used at the plant, Shingle takes its vast knowledge of belting applications and factors it in with the experiences of the plant to develop an optimized belting program. Learn more about our OEM Replacement Part Solutions or contact us today for more info.

New Products

Our Gray Nycor products are the latest addition to our Nycor line. Our Gray SG rubber has even greater abrasion resistance than our SG Green rubber and a coefficient of friction that guarantees maximum traction without excessive shaft pressure. SG Gray is ideal for Tube Winders; Unwinds; Wire Drawing; and many other applications.

Personnel News

Shingle Belting is pleased to announce Scott Keating as the newest member of our Customer Service team. While attending Temple University, Scott worked part-time for Shingle Belting in our Extrusion and Monofilament departments. Now as a graduate, he will undergo our customer service training program over the next few weeks and will join Jim, Dave, and Val in November. Scott looks forward to assisting you, our valued customers.