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Shingle Belting's capabilities include the design, engineering and manufacturing of belting for virtually any industry. Because we are a turnkey solution, we have excellent in-house fabrication capabilities. Our fabrication expertise includes:

Our fabrication expertise includes:

  • High Frequency Cleating
  • V-guiding
  • Sidewalls
  • Variety of Splicing Techniques
  • Spiral Lace
  • Perforations
  • Special Covers
Power turn edge guides and belting for the logistics and distribution warehouse industries for Transnorm and similar equipment
Thermoplastic spiral lace for applications where quick change of belting is critical
Shingle Belting has a comprehensive research and development program.
Our in-house capabilities include:
  • complete engineering and design services
  • state-of-the-art laboratory equipment
  • a complete testing facility
  • development and production of our own adhesives
  • custom resin blending & color match
  • die design and implementation
  • private labeling
Extrusion dies are available for a wide range of profile extrusions In-house testing equipment such as our Tinius Olsen extensometer ensures high quality
PU, PVC, PE, and custom resins are available to build a wide variety of extruded profiles
Shingle Belting's field installation service is available anywhere in the country. Our services include rental of equipment, expert fabrication technicians and complete instructions on all types of installations.

We are also available to conduct belt surveys and offer expert advice to help our customers increase their production.

24-hour emergency service is also available.

Shingle Belting develops and produces a variety of adhesives specifically for use with our belting products. We have also developed a broad range of tools for each of the products we manufacture. These include:
  • presses
  • skivers
  • welding tools
  • hand tools
  • joiners